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Chapter 19 ★17 Simplify moving

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We have moved eight times in fifteen years.In these processes, we have some experience: ⑴Before moving, perform the cleaning work in the first method. ⑵Most people waste too much time on packing before moving.As a result, a week before the actual move, the entire home looked like a disaster zone.Generally speaking, the packing time does not need to exceed a week.If you hire movers to pack, they can usually pack it up within a day.When packing, put the packed boxes on the wall of the room so as to leave a passage. ⑶ When we are packing, we should pay special attention to those precious things, such as vases and artworks (of course, these things are best placed in strong boxes, the third and fifth methods); Personal items.Pack your kitchen supplies last, and you'd rather not start packing your kitchen supplies on the morning of your move, after the movers have loaded everything else into the van.

⑷ Make sure that the place you want to move into is clean and you can live in it at any time. ⑸Establish a set of identification system of color stickers for porters to use.For example: All the boxes to be moved to the kitchen have red stickers on them.All the boxes to be moved to the living room, are labeled with blue stickers, and so on. ⑹If you want to move to another city, which is a long-distance move, you must bring some kitchen utensils that you need to deal with the next two meals (dinner of the night and breakfast of the next day), as well as the clothes you need and the luggage you need for the night. All moved to your own car.

⑺Use a large closet to store your clothes, and move directly from the old house to the new house.If you've simplified your wardrobe (method #2), then you've got some relief. ⑻When you are packing books, you should start withdrawing books from the top of the bookshelf, from left to right, and always withdraw to the books below.If you want to put the books on the shelf into the box, you should also follow the same order.On the outside of the book box, stick a label and write the location and number of the bookcase.Try to fill every inch of space in the box with books.You can use less boxes this way, so you will find it easier to pack.

Ask the porters to move the bookcases into the new house first, and then pile them up next to the bookcases in order according to the position and number on the label.Then, start taking out the books from the first box, and put them in the order you took them off the shelf in order. ⑼If possible, ask the moving company to sell you some moving boxes, and then sell them back to them at half price after the move.Many moving companies also sell used boxes for considerable savings. ⑽ Let your pets and children move to the new home on the same day.For a slightly older child, you can ask him to help organize his own things.

⑾ Draw a simple room configuration diagram of the new house, and it is best to mark it, where you want the furniture to be placed.Then, make a few more photocopies, so you can put one on the door of each room.This saves you time by not having to stand at a fixed point every time the movers bring something or a bunch of boxes into the house.It also means that you'll have time to go to the kitchen and organize things and start preparing for dinner that day, or at least breakfast tomorrow morning.
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