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Chapter 30 ★Twenty-eight don't read newspapers every day

simplify your life 愛琳.詹姆絲 766Words 2023-02-05
We have a pair of good friends who have never had the habit of reading newspapers every day.They are a couple, he is a physicist and she is an artist.They didn't even have a TV at home until recently, when they bought a VCR to watch their favorite movies.They also never watch the TV news.While most of the people were reading the morning paper, the couple was reading their favorite novel. When people ask them, why don't they read the newspaper?Their answer was simple: because they found newspapers depressing.They focus on the latest news in their profession, and by reading many professional magazines, they can also know what is happening around the world.They feel that, through their profession, they have something to contribute to the world, and they feel no obligation to live up to the expectations of others and must rush to absorb the daily news events.

They are highly educated, educated, interested, and energetic people who have long known that reading newspapers does not help them mentally and emotionally, and that newspapers interfere with their Life. If you're tired of reading the bad news, but you just can't stop reading the paper altogether, you might consider taking a break from reading the paper for a month or two.If you can do this, I guarantee you will gradually be able to easily distinguish which news you want or need; If there is no help, then don't accept it. Time and time again, when I try to persuade people who live fast-paced lives to cut newspaper reading from their daily routines, they are shocked at the oddity of my thinking.But when they started experimenting, especially after they arranged an activity that could replace the newspaper, they also found that breaking the newspaper habit was not as difficult as they thought.Cutting off negative information every day is the best positive help for you to achieve your goal of living a simple life.

If you are trying to reduce the tangible and intangible enjoyment of life, remember it!Advertisers spend more than eight billion dollars a year on newspaper ads, and they are manipulating your spending behavior.That, if you can, is a good enough reason for you to stop reading the papers.
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