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Chapter 35 ★Three Three If you don't like festivals, get rid of it!

simplify your life 愛琳.詹姆絲 904Words 2023-02-05
Some important holidays are usually the most oppressive time of the year.Let’s be honest, have you ever secretly wished that you didn’t experience today’s commercialized Christmas, shopping, gift picking, gourmet food, company parties, family dinners, overeating, and spending too much money?Because these activities will only take you farther and farther away from the simple life, and make your life complicated and chaotic. I know there are some people who really enjoy celebrating Christmas and other holidays.If that's you, it's a real treat.But if you can't stand the thought of having to have Christmas dinner, well, you're not alone.Some research reports show that Christmas is the most stressful time of the year for most people.Now, we're in the 1990s, and we know we all come from imperfect families.However, this also cannot regard the festival as a kind of pain inflicted on people.

Imagine how you want to spend your time during the festival: sitting comfortably on the sofa with a pile of good books; watching your favorite movie in front of the TV to relax yourself; At this time, let the whole family have a private conversation.Then, do what you want.A couple I know who have three teenage kids just skipped the holidays altogether and went camping.It was a great opportunity to get closer to each other, to give ourselves a chance to be in touch with nature, away from the commercialized festivals that they no longer want to have.Another couple I know planned their children for Christmas years ago.They buy or make special Christmas gifts for their children, and every year, they donate to their favorite charities.

Make the transition as easy and pain-free as possible!Before the holidays come, announce to your family and friends: You don't want to celebrate Christmas (or Thanksgiving, Easter, birthdays, or other holidays), from now on, you will have a different holiday, and for They explain why.Let them know you've made other arrangements for the holidays. You have to know, though: not everyone understands where you stand, and sometimes you hurt people.If your guilt is unbearable, you can compromise, like Thanksgiving, but not Christmas.So on and so forth. You also have to know: Some people will pretend to be hurt by you, when in fact they are glad not to suffer on the holidays, but they are still bound by tradition and refuse to admit it.

Think about it, if you act now, you can save yourself from the most stressful holiday of the year.Don't waste any time.Have a Christmas of your own this year.
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