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Chapter 36 ★Three and four do not send Christmas cards

simplify your life 愛琳.詹姆絲 613Words 2023-02-05
Don't send Christmas cards?Are you kidding me! A friend of mine growled. This is my favorite thing to do at Christmas. If, like my friend, you love sending Christmas cards and are going to do it anyway, then you can ignore this advice.This advice is for those who are distressed because they haven't picked out the right card in mid-July, and for those who are still complaining about not sending out the card at the end of November, and for those who have reached the middle of December. The one who grumbles himself about the card not being mailed yet.Without even knowing it themselves, is it possible to send these cards before Christmas?

This advice is also for those, who put their signature in print on the card.A handwritten signature card is a great pleasure for the recipient.Think about it, on such a sentimental festival, there are still some people or companies that send out some cards with printed signatures, rubber stamp signatures, or secretary signatures. Astonishing thing.I never knew, what is the message in a Christmas card?Also, those who send out printed signatures, why waste these cards when they don't even have time to address them and sign them by hand? For many people, those printed and signed greeting cards are already a symbol of Christmas.It's impersonal, it's purely commercial, and it's also expensive.Its real meaning is negative, it messes up our life, damages the environment, and is also a waste of resources that harms the environment.

I hope that people who read this book will not feel guilty about sending cards, but if you know someone who sends printed cards in large quantities, maybe you can suggest that he save the money sent for cards and donate it to Organizations like environmental protection, otherwise his sense of guilt would be great.
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