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Chapter 48 ★Fourty-six integration of your investment projects

simplify your life 愛琳.詹姆絲 543Words 2023-02-05
For the past fifteen years, mutual funds have served as a safe haven for small investors.I have a friend who woke up one morning to realize she had a bunch of mutual fund accounts.Of course, she always knew that she had so many mutual funds, but she never realized that so many mutual fund accounts were a big reason for her complicated life.It was a constant headache to deal with so many fund bills and fixed promotional documents, and finally, she finally broke down.In addition, it was a frightening nightmare for her accountant to calculate the dividends and personal income of all her funds every year.

When she started investing, she felt she had kept the investment business to a minimum.However, once she has done a lot of research, she feels that there are many funds that are very good and must be bought.After a while, she felt that there were other funds that sounded good, so her investments became more and more complicated.Every time she heard of a star operator setting up another fund, she opened an account along with it. As long as you choose a reputable fund family, most investment consultants will agree, and you don’t even have to worry about whether the funds you invest in have the possibility of long-term profit.On top of that, you have to keep buying and selling, year in and year out.If you want a little more variety, consider buying some growth funds and tax-exempt funds in your chosen fund family.

Since my friend started consolidating her investment funds, her accountant has thanked her; her postman has thanked her;
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