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Chapter 68 ★66 Don't leave anything but aspirin

simplify your life 愛琳.詹姆絲 928Words 2023-02-05
A few years ago, when I was on a business trip to New York in the middle of winter, I happened to catch a bad cold.I don't have time to go to the pharmacy to refill my medicine cabinet for cold medicine, and all I have is aspirin, and that's all I can do.The cold lasted only three days, and then gradually recovered, and then fully recovered. I can't believe this.Usually, my cold lasts for ten days to two weeks before it gets better, and I have to take cold medicine.So I started to wonder: Am I missing something important?My cold period lasts so long, is it because I take cold medicine?

The next time I caught a cold again, I deliberately skipped cold medicine and only took aspirin. As a result, the cold disappeared after two or three days. I've discussed this with some friends who have also started trying aspirin for their colds, and they all work just as well as I did.In addition to being an analgesic, aspirin is now also considered to be used in the prevention of angina, reducing the risk of specific diseases, reducing the sudden death rate of heart patients, reducing fever, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, preventing gum disease, preventing high blood pressure in pregnant women and preventing Recurrent migraines.

First of all, I must admit that my simple medical history and the phenomenon of aspirin's great effect have not been formally scientifically studied.However, I am glad to see that there is a recent medical report that quite supports my argument.According to this report, a group of medical experts pointed out to the family committee in Washington that almost all cold medicines on the market contain an ingredient called antihistamine, and this ingredient is not only useless, but will endanger human health.The experts are urging the Food and Drug Administration to quickly issue an order removing antihistamines from cold medicines.

Another recent report pointed out that the US Food and Drug Administration declared that the ingredients in most cold medicines have no effect on treating colds at all. Maybe it's time for you to be careful with your medicine cabinet.Or, you could seriously consider getting rid of all your medicines except for the aspirin.Maybe you could ditch the eye drops, ear ointments, palpitation relievers, stomach milks, laxatives, and all the other medicines, including sleeping pills and sedatives prescribed by doctors, that Americans spend billions of dollars on every year . If your eyes are congested, don’t use some medicines. At best, those medicines only temporarily alleviate the symptoms. Think about it, what causes your eyes to congest?Then just stop doing the things that cause bloodshot eyes.If you're suffering from heartache, stop eating too much pizza or step away from a stressful job.

As long as we can change our lives, there is no doubt that we will not need many drugs.If our symptoms don't reappear, of course, our problems don't exist.
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