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Chapter 90 Eighty-eight change your expectations

simplify your life 愛琳.詹姆絲 809Words 2023-02-05
The 1980s developed some unrealistic goals and expectations that caught us all in a trend that continues to dominate our lives.As a result, certain things or lifestyles are taken for granted, like we have to work harder to buy a bigger house; have to drive a faster car; have a better job; pay more expensive bills be single; have more expectations for the future; have a happier marriage; have a more organized household; have the smartest kids and send them to the best schools; be on top of the latest fashions; own space All kinds of precision instruments and toys of the era, as long as they can be bought with money, must be bought.The quest is never-ending, and people work harder and harder day by day, only to find that they keep falling short of all their expectations.In fact, many people's expectations are too high, and these high expectations do not bring them happiness.

We have a close friend who has a lot of expectations.He wanted a big house, a big car, a club membership and a productive career, but he was disappointed.He doesn't like his life style, but he can't give up this life style, because the job he currently has is the only possibility that can realize his desire to live in a big house, drive a fancy car, and a high-end life style, and these expectations are He thinks it should be. Much of my Simplify Life movement has to do with changing expectations.For Gibbs and I, and for most people, a lifestyle that emphasizes grandeur and luxury just doesn't suit our needs.When we move to the suburbs, we can escape the nightmare of commuting four hours a day to work, and of course, we must change our expectations about our career goals.At that time, we also wondered, is it worthwhile for us to reduce the enjoyment of life in order to save these four hours?Later, we found that having four more hours a day can actually improve our quality of life, and this quality cannot be replaced by the pursuit of the enjoyment of a high-level life.When we change our lifestyle, our concept of career also changes. Although it is very different from the original expectation, it is easier for us to be satisfied now.

If you feel like you can’t live up to all your expectations, or that you’ve met them and you’re still not happy, maybe it’s time for you to wake up to the fact that a life of too many demands is not for you.The values ​​of the 1980s will only complicate your life, get rid of them!Build a life of your own, so that you can live more simply.
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