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Chapter 91 ★Eighty-nine examine your life, keep life simple

simplify your life 愛琳.詹姆絲 760Words 2023-02-05
If you want to maintain a simple life, you must always be vigilant and examine your life.If you think that once you implement a life-simplification movement, you will automatically keep it going, it is an unrealistic idea.First of all, our habits are accumulated over a long period of time, and these habits are not easy to change.Furthermore, our culture does not teach us how to live a simple life.We are constantly being brainwashed by the things around us, such as the messages spread by the media, as well as family, friends and neighbors, all pushing us to buy the latest product or toy, pushing us into a busy life.Most of these messages are irresistible to us, some are valid and some are meaningless, depending on your choice.

We have friends who are determined to simplify their eating habits.They are all gourmet experts and culinary experts, and they have fully equipped cooking appliances at home.When it came time to clean out the kitchen, they realized they had to get rid of a ton of stuff like wine makers, electric cake presses, food mixers of various sizes, and more.It took them months to clean up, and finally, the joy of being free again was finally free from as many kitchen utensils as there were catalogues. Before they found their habit, however, they moved those cooking utensils back into the kitchen.Easy to change habits?Not really!Your old habits will all come back if you're not careful.

Dustin.Hoffman once played the role of an actor in a film who had to dress up as a woman in order to get a role.He went to the store to find things needed to dress up a woman, such as wigs, curlers, cosmetics, nail polish, jewelry, shoes, purses and so on.When he got home, put on his wig and put on his makeup, he complained to his roommate, saying that he never knew that women spend so much time and energy putting on makeup to look attractive.God!Isn't that the truth? There is no doubt that in our culture, women have to pay a high cost to maintain the appearance.I made up my mind not to waste too much energy trying to dress myself up.Here, I offer some tips to make it easier for women to dress themselves, and, especially, gather them into one chapter.Most of the men have not had such troubles for a long time, so this chapter is mainly for women.

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