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Chapter 92 Chapter 7 Reminders to Women Ninety Ten Minutes to Finish Your Makeup

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I often wonder why my husband can get dressed, organized and groomed so well in less than half an hour?And I can't do the same thing in the same amount of time.Once we started simplifying our lives, I set myself the goal of getting dressed in ten minutes.I easily managed to keep my makeup time under ten minutes, however, there are many details of Jane's makeup that I still haven't overcome. First, start with tidying up your hair.For most women, the biggest waste of time when it comes to makeup is getting their hair done.We've been brainwashed: Shampooing your hair isn't enough.In addition to general shampoos, there are also special formulas, conditioners, and foamy ones. After washing, you need to dry, straighten, tidy or curl your hair, and you need to spray it before going out. Styling liquid will do.

Men themselves have a fixed hairstyle. When they wash their hair, they can blow dry and comb before going out.Women cannot do this.A few years ago, a hair stylist told me that every woman has at least one basic hairstyle that doesn't take a lot of work, looks amazing, and is compatible with her own. The face shape matches well.I experimented a lot and finally, I finally figured out the basic hairstyle that works for me.Now, instead of spending 20︱30 minutes to wash and arrange my hair, I only need to spend 5︱6 minutes before I can go out. Second, I changed my skincare routine.In the past few years, whenever I go through a beauty counter, I have to buy a lot of skin care products for my sensitive skin, such as cleansing and moisturizing cream and pore cleaning cream for day and night, various products to protect the skin and eliminate dust, etc. .Luckily, I recently ran out of all my skin care products and stopped using them.Next, I wash my face with just a sponge, water and natural lotion.My skin doesn't look any better after three weeks of using it like my previous skincare routine.

Now, in addition to washing my face with a sponge and water, I add a little moisturizer.I just can't tell you how easy it is to do this.This method is not only simple and trouble-free but also very effective. It can also allow you to throw away those sticky skin care products that have only been used for several years. Moreover, it can also make your drawers and dressers less crowded and messy. up. In addition, you can think about your own cosmetics, whether there is anything that can be simplified in use.Have you ever seen any kind of artificial cosmetics that can make a person's face look good and healthy as if without makeup?Ask the man in your life!Most men will definitely say that he would rather a woman show her original, natural face and smile.

When you've done this, don't forget to give your daughter a natural smile, too.Imagine how much money you'd save and the confidence you'd be able to gain if you could get away with all those tempting beauty products. You'll also have to change your expectations to maintain a low-cost approach to grooming, and once you do, you'll regret all the foolishness you've spent so much on in the past.
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